Find Your Deeper Why Behind Taking Nootropics & The 3 Crucial Things to Strengthen First

Big ol’ swole post ahead. All the way to the hilt today. Forget stopping at the surface. “What makes a person average is their focus” –Eric Thomas If you haven’t been getting the results you want…how great is your ability to focus? What has been your main focus? Finding your why involves introspective focus. Becoming Read more

Pills vs Powders? Use Heisenberg’s “Empire Mindset” to Decide

Have you seen Breaking Bad? Remember this scene? His paradigm-shifting answer: “I am in the empire business.” He was saying, in my opinion, that he was concerned with that which brings him true power. Likewise, at the end of the day I’m not in the “nootropics” or “smart drug” business. I suspect you aren’t either Read more