Oxiracetam: a small primer

It’s is derivative of GABA. It seems to be stronger and quicker-acting that Aniracetam and definitely Piracetam (but weaker than Noopept). Would be best for studying math and sciences since a research study showed it caused slight improvement in logical tasks. Benefits: May improve spatial memory and orientation1 Protects the brain’s ability to retrieve long-term Read more

Nootropics for Stress Relief and Anxiety Part 2: Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an anxiety-crushing adaptogenic plant often referred to as a “royal herb”1 due to the many rejuvenating benefits it gives the body. It’s mainly known for its beneficial effects on stress, anxiety, and depression. I wouldn’t call Ashwagandha a true nootropic, more like a “nootropic assister.” Meaning the effects it has on the brain Read more

The 4 Key Habits for Mastery Josh Waitzkin Recommends Everyone Internalize

If you remember nothing else from this series, internalize these 4 habits. Before he listed these, T. Ferriss asked JW what were some habits, interesting behavior, or rituals of the high-level clients he works with. #1: Meditation “An amazing way of deepening the creative process, deepening presence, expanding your energetic relationship to the world, gaining Read more

Use ALCAR with Racetams Instead of a Choline Supplement. Here’s Why

I first learned of this indirect cholinergic action of ALCAR from reading this thread. Here’s my take on that article. Thanks to Chrono by the way, for writing that. … Nearly everywhere you look online someone is telling you to take choline with racetams. I don’t think it’s needed as much as people think. Chrono Read more

On Racetams and Nootropics: Notes from Phil Micans’s Interview on Smart Drug Smarts

These are my notes from Smart Drug Smarts Podcast #10 with Phil Micans. Micans has a Master’s degree in biochemistry and is also a pharmacist. The man knows his racetams. Now you will as well. 1. What does nootropic mean? According to Micans: Nous means ‘reasoning’ “but is beyond the concept of logic and interpretation Read more

How to Become a Better Thinker

We’ve discussed self-mastery and creativity so far. Today we tackle the vast ocean that is “How to be a better thinker.” If you want more content like this, contact me and let me know. Listen to Joe Rogan spit the truth: Let’s go. #1: Use The Trivium The word Trivium is Latin for “the three Read more

Josh Waitzkin Shares Hemingway’s Secrets to Maintaining “Creative Power Momentum”

Josh Waitzkin Tells Hemingway’s Secret to Maintaining “Creative Power Momentum” Welcome to part 2 of my Josh Waitzkin interview notes. Complete series: Part 1: The Art of Self-Mastery Part 2: [You are here] Part 3: How to Become a Better Thinker Part 4: The 4 Key Habits for Mastery Josh Waitzkin Recommends Everyone Internalize Hemingway Read more

3 Common Misconceptions About Taking Nootropics

Browsing the internet or my inbox, these 3 misconceptions in one form or another underlie a newbie’s questions or concerns with nootropics. Time to clear them up. 1. “I’ll be just like Bradley Cooper in Limitless” Not gonna happen This seems to be every nootropic virgin’s fantasy. Nope. Science isn’t there yet. I’m not denying Read more

Blogging Tips I Learned from Mike at Danger & Play

I recently did a guest post over at Danger & Play. Mike edited the post a bit and showed me some tips that going to share with you right now. 1. Link to old posts By doing this, you decrease your bounce rate by keeping people on your site longer, this helps SEO and search Read more

Nootropics for Stress Relief and Anxiety Part 1: Rhodiola rosea and L-Theanine

Intro If you follow Robert Sapolsky, Hans Selye, and/or Ray Peat Ph.D., you will know that excess stress can drop you faster than Tyson did Spinks, without the luxury of getting back up. If you would like to know how dangerous stress truly is, look up the works of those men. But today, I’ll show Read more