Oxiracetam: a small primer

It’s is derivative of GABA. It seems to be stronger and quicker-acting that Aniracetam and definitely Piracetam (but weaker than Noopept). Would be best for studying math and sciences since a research study showed it caused slight improvement in logical tasks.


  • May improve spatial memory and orientation1
  • Protects the brain’s ability to retrieve long-term memories2
  • Give you energy without jitters
  • Improves logical performance on tests3
  • Enhances memory, improves attention and concentration3
  • Stronger at increasing learning than Piracetam4

How it works:

Adjusts AMPA-sensitive glutamate (the “excitatory”) receptors that are crucial for memory
formation and brain plasticity (LTP)5,6.

Oxiracetam Dosages to Take:

This is not medical advice. I’m no doctor. The FDA hasn’t approved anything on this page. See my medical disclaimer

400mg 3x/day7
800mg 2x/day7
2400mg/day: max amount taken in research with little to no side effects

Start with 1200mg total/day for up to 7 days and then incrementally work your way down to the dosage that still gives you benefits

Where to buy the best oxiracetam:

Nootropics Depot Capsules
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2017 update – Cheapest per gram:

Nootropics Depot Oxiracetam powder: 60 grams will last about 50 days for $27.99 if taking 1200mg/day. Pick up a scale also. Your brain safety is more important than eyeballing stuff when taking powders.

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