Nootroponaut is about exploring arete through:

  • antifragility/strength
  • cognitive enhancement
  • thriving

I believe living and practicing these 3 fundamental concepts as habits build a more powerful human being. A worthy ambition. Let’s explore mastering oneself and growing stronger when pressured or stressed. Welcome aboard.

Nootropics and cognitive enhancers are the focus, but not the only topic. You won’t hear much about my story, because this website is for you. If personal stories add relevance or entertainment, they’ll be included.

You have my word I’ll make my reviews as independent, unbiased, honest, and critical as possible. These reviews come from personal experimentation foremost and scouring research journals.

Your health is your responsibility.

Think for yourself, trust very little, and verify everything.

Research, know, and think critically about the risks before experimenting. Safety is unknown with some compounds.

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