Gorilla Mind Rush and Smooth Review

The Most Powerful, Safest, and Legal Natural Nootropic in 2019? If you’re tired of all the pill pushers and supplement snake oil salesmen draining your wallet… If you’re tired of wading through page after page of supposed “miracle” and “amazing” brain supplement every time you search Bing or Google… You’re in the right place. I’m Read more

Best Broccoli Sprout Supplements and Vendors

Acronyms I use: GR / GRN = Glucoraphanin, the precursor molecule to Sulforaphane SFN = Sulforphane, the insanely wonderful and miraculous molecule this article is about MYR = Myrosinase, the enzyme that takes GR and forms Sulforaphane [SFN] BSP = Broccoli sprouts powder [R]= Reference / source cited Table of Contents Best Sulforaphane and Broccoli Read more

Buy Phenibut – the best vendors, its benefits, and safe dosages

buying phenibut (aka Noofen)

Where to Buy Phenibut Online – best places to get the best stuff In a hurry? See the blue box and vendor’s table immediately below Table of Contents Best Phenibut Vendors Phenibut 101 Phenibut benefits and effects What does being on it feel like? Is it legal or unregulated? Phenibut HCl vs Phenibut FAA Dangers Read more

Josh Waitzkin’s 2nd Tim Ferriss Interview Podcast Transcript

MP3 of this interview PDF of this interview PDF transcript of both Josh’s Tim Ferris interviews Interview Date: 23 Mar 2016 Share this page with one person who you’d think it’d help the most. My other Josh Waitzkin posts Part 1: The Art of Self-Mastery Part 2: Hemingway’s Secret to Maintaining “Creative Power Momentum” Part Read more

How to Choose What Nootropics to Take: For Beginners. Try the 3rd Stack Template First.

How to choose what nootropics to take for beginners

You’re focused. You found your burning why. You’re immersed in clarity. Two objectives for today: A) Now, think about HOW to choose what to take. B) As you read, think about what’s the best way to reach your goal(s)? This article will be a compass for both. Here are a few suggestions #1: Start simple Read more

Powder City is closed forever? Coupon Inside

Got an email from them this morning. Looks like they are closing forever on March 31st. They were one of my favorite suppliers. Great prices, fast shipping, safe stuff. Never had a problem with them. I figured the least I could do was to pass on what they emailed me: Shop Powder City before they Read more

Struggle. Overcome. Grow. Repeat.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWSZ1DKjNzY Thanks to Fawky for posting this Remember in the last post I talked about how there is beauty in adversity? When your brain struggles with a problem, reviews it, and “processes the feedback”…apparently the best way to grow is immersion into and contemplating a tough problem. Do some recreational math. Process why your previous Read more

Mastering the CounterIntuitive: My Current Approach to Using Nootropics

I approach nootropics with the attitude of “use them to bolster what is already there.” “Don’t use them if you don’t have to” is a guideline I follow. You might be thinking, “But this is a blog about nootropics.” I’d holla back, “Yeah, primarily. But it’s deeper than that. Look closer. Barring modafinil, How much Read more

Nootropics for diabetes? Noopept might work.


Noopept’s co-creator Dr. Rita Ostrovskaya says it’s likely that it and other nootropics can help battle diabetes. This is another “notes” post, from Smart Drug Smarts podcast. This time: a short history and primer on noopept Let’s get into it. A Brief History It was invented out of a desire to improve on Piracetam because… Read more

Aniracetam: a small primer

It’s is a fat-soluble derivative of Piracetam. It is stronger than Piracetam (but weaker than Noopept). Would be best for creative and “big picture thinking” tasks. Things you may notice (anecdotal): Increased perception of visual and aural stimuli Decreased anxiety Increased motivation Better focus Better resilience against stress and depression Examine.com had this to say Read more