November 2015 update

I started this site because I’m very interested in improvement and growth. But I also started a side project that’s doing very well. I’m spending all of my time on it.

Hence the lack of posts.

The greatest thing about making money is the increase in choices and freedom right?

If I write any more posts, I’ll probably ask Mike at D&P to post them on his site. Not sure at the moment.

But for now, I’m pausing blogging and diving deep into making money and providing value for others.

If you are young, I advise you do the same.

Here are a few resources I like:
$1 Million, 10 Years, Zero Excuses

The Power of 1% and Why You Don’t Blog for Money

Money Making Machine

How Mike Cernovich makes money online

Jay Abraham’s Book

Obvious Adams
(very easy read, teaches you to see things through 80/20 and Occam’s Razor lens)